Finding your time

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Time is a finite resource, and once it's gone, we cannot get it back.  It is so imperative that we make a conscious effort to prioritize the moments that truly matter in our lives.  Investing in our personal passions and focusing on our well being teaches us to cherish time with loved ones and to truly invest in our lives.   By doing so, we can lead a joyful and balanced life that we can look back on with a sense of contentment, pride and gratitude, free from regrets about spending  time on things that didn't matter.  It isn't just about having time, it's about making time for what truly matters.

It is a proven fact for many people that it isn't until we are faced with the loss of a loved one, our own illness, mortality, broken relationships or dark times that we wake up and realize that we took time for granted and missed out on so much.

This all sounds good, but when we are in the thick of this thing called life with all of the responsibilities that we are shouldering, it feels impossible to make time for anything else.  It isn't about making more time, it is about how we use the precious commodity of time.  Unless you are incapacitated or meet your maker, we all wake up with the exact amount of time deposited into our bank account of life each day.  How we spend it, dictates the quality of our lives.  It is that simple.  We can make excuses and rationalize it, but until we understand the impact of cherished time, we cannot build quality relationships and a quality life.

Making time for self care is essential and is the building blocks to a strong foundation.  You start with awareness.  A pattern interrupter.  Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of your time.  Be truly present.  It is quality not quantity.  We live in such a noisy world.  Keep track of how you are spending your days and really evaluate how you can start off by setting aside some time for building strong relationships, personal fulfillment making time for a hobby or passion, self care.  Burnout and stress has severe consequences on our physical and mental health and create lasting memories that are meaningful and fulfilling.  You do not have to stress yourself out in doing so, you just need to start with awareness and committing to making it a priority to make small consistent changes.

Finding your time

Time is a finite resource, and once it’s gone, we cannot get it back. It is so imperative that we make a conscious effort to prioritize the moments that truly matter in our

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